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ASN e-Newsletters

ASN e-Newsletters

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The monthly member e-newsletter regularly includes the highlights from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Advances in Nutrition, and The Journal of Nutrition, as well as a public policy update and greetings from the Society president. It also features news about members, upcoming events, and other topics of interest to ASN members.

Monthly Member e-Newsletter

More than 5,000 ASN members receive the monthly e-newsletter. This includes clinicians, scientists, students, postdocs, and dietitians.


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Medical Nutrition Newsletter

Approximately 3,000 ASN Medical Nutrition Council (MNC) members receive the Medical Nutrition News. Additional professionals in the medical nutrition field (approx 8,000) receive the Medical Nutrition Highlights. Recipients are interested in clinical, research, educational, and/or training aspects of nutrition and metabolism as it relates to optimal health and the prevention and treatment of human disease. They are MDs generally.

Medical Nutrition News (2015)

Medical Nutrition Highlights (2015)