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Register for ASN's 2014 Scientific Sessions & Annual Meeting at EB. Advertise in Nutrition Notes Daily by March 31. Host a table at the University & Membership Reception. Purchase a ticket to join us for the ASN Fellows, 50-Year Members and Past Presidents Luncheon on Monday, April 28 at EB 2014.

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The Journal of Nutrition
Published since 1928, The Journal of Nutrition (JN) was the first scientific journal created solely for publication of nutrition research. Contents include peer-reviewed research reports on all aspects of experimental nutrition, critical reviews, commentaries, and symposia and workshop proceedings.
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
The world's most widely recognized, peer-reviewed clinical nutrition journal. The AJCN publishes research reports on basic and clinical research topics, plus commentaries, editorials, review articles, meeting reports and book reviews.
Advances in Nutrition
As the pace of research in the nutritional sciences continues to accelerate, this journal explains the significance of new research findings, highlights research gaps and points to future directions. Read it to stay better informed on the state of the science, nutrient information, and the latest findings.


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