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Clinical Nutrition Internship Program

Clinical Nutrition Internship Program

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice

Deadline: February 16, 2015

Program Description
ASN offers nutrition internships for medical students via its Clinical Nutrition Internship Program. This program is designed to increase the role of nutrition in the practice of medicine, medical research, health promotion, and disease prevention by providing a unique combination of educational experiences to medical students.

Each selected student works under a recognized authority in clinical nutrition in a U.S. medical school or hospital. A list of available mentors, all members of The American Society for Nutrition, will be presented to each successful applicant, upon notification of acceptance, from which they may select their mentor. If more than one selected applicant desires the same mentor, the decision will be made by a drawing. It is also possible for selected applicants to arrange for a mentor themselves, but the mentor must be approved by ASN.

The internships will last eight weeks and usually be scheduled in the summer, but other times could be arranged. The students will be exposed to both clinical and academic aspects of nutrition. Each student will receive a $ 2,500 stipend for the eight-week internship.

Intern Activities

  • Visit at least one nutrition clinic (i.e., outpatient, eating disorders, obesity, pediatric nutrition clinics) each week.
  • Participate in at least 8 nutrition support rounds.
  • Attend at least one research conference each week, (i.e., lab meeting, research seminar, or journal club meeting) to be followed by discussion between mentor and student.
  • Spend one half day with a dietitian on four or more occasions.
  • Write a 3-5 page research paper on a clinical or research nutrition topic of the student's choice, to be completed and presented to the mentor at the end of the eight week program. A copy of this paper will be sent to the ASN office.
  • Complete an evaluation form at the end of the internship and mailed to the ASN office.

Applicant or Mentor Questions
Contact: Moira Guenther

Interested in Sponsoring this Award?
Contact Gwen Twillman

Prior Recipients of the Clinical Nutrition Internships