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AJCN Celebrating 60 Years in 2012

AJCN Celebrating 60 Years in 2012

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice


Dennis M. Bier, MD, Editor: “As editor, I am excited to mark 60 years as a top-ranked journal. Since 1952, we have seen the topic of nutrition become justifiably prominent in daily conversation. I believe the future will devote even greater attention to the research featured in AJCN.”

AJCN editors and their years of service:
•    1952–1962     S. O. Waife, Founding Editor
•    1962–1967     Willard A. Krehl
•    1967–1975     Milton E. Rubini
•    1975–1979     Robert H. Herman
•    1979–1981     Theodore B. Van Itallie
•    1982–1991     Albert I. Mendeloff
•    1992–1996     Norman Kretchmer
•    1996-2007      Charles Halsted (including 1.5 years as Interim Editor)
•    2007-present  Dennis M. Bier

These articles were included in the first issue from 1952:
•    Overnutrition and Obesity
•    Alcoholism as a Nutritional Problem
•    Dietary Treatment of Hypertension
•    The Effect of Amino Acid Deficiencies in Man
•    Growth Failure in School Children: Further Studies of Vitamin B12 Dietary Supplements
•    Hypovitaminemia A: Effect of Vitamin A Administration on Plasma Vitamin A Concentration, Conjunctival Changes, Dark Adaptation and Toad Skin
•    Basic Research and its Application in the Field of Clinical Nutrition
•    The Therapeutic uses of low fat, low cholesterol diets: I. Treatment of Essential Familial Xanthomatosis