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Journals Advertising
Read more about advertising in the print issues, websites, or electronic Table of Contents alerts for AJCN, JN, and Advances in Nutrition online or view the ASN Publications Media Kit.

ASN Job Board
Learn about posting classified ads and recruitment postings on the ASN Job Board.

Digital Advertising
ASN also offers advertising in our electronic newsletters. You can reach ASN members and other professionals, scientists, researchers, and students in various segments of nutrition research and practice. For current availability and to place an ad, please email us.

ASN Medical Nutrition e-News Ads
Approximately 9,000 ASN Medical Nutrition Council (MNC) members and additional professionals in the medical nutrition field receive the Medical Nutrition Highlights and the Medical Nutrition News electronic newsletters. Recipients are interested in clinical, research, educational, and/or training aspects of nutrition and metabolism as it relates to optimal health and the prevention and treatment of human disease. There are two advertising options for each newsletter (top and sidebar placements).
TOP BANNER: The exclusive sponsorship position is a banner ad (468 x 60) at the top of the alert. $625/issue ($500/issue for 3 issues or more)
Example of Top Banner
SIDEBAR: The side bar ad (120 x 240) runs on the right side of the newsletters, and there are 3 spots available. $450/issue ($360/issue for 3 issues or more)
Example of Side Bar

Dedicated E-Mail Messages
ASN occasionally promotes to its members the efforts of other organizations promoting products, services or events that advance ASN's mission: excellence in nutrition research and practice. ASN never releases members' email addresses to any third party. Members have the option to opt out of all third party correspondence (e-mail and direct mail). E-mail advertisements must comply with the ASN advertising policy, and undergo editorial review.

The fee for a dedicated e-blast to the ASN membership is $3,975. Universities, publishers and eligible 501(c)3 charitable organizations may qualify for a discount. Layout assistance can be provided for an additional $1,000.
Example from May 2012
Example of Meeting Email to Members

Conference Program & Newspaper Advertising
Opportunities to advertise in conference publication, Nutrition Notes Daily for the ASN Scientific Sessions and Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology and for the Advances and Controversies in Clinical Nutrition Conference are available.
Examples of Previous Issues

All advertisements must comply with all ASN advertising policies. ASN reserves the right to decline any advertisement and to discontinue any advertising. Advertisements will be clearly demarcated (for example, by inclusion of the word “advertisement” at the top of advertisements). ASN does not endorse any products and/or services in ads, the services of and vendor, or the character of advertisers. Ad agencies are responsible for all content of ads, and also assume responsibility for any claims made against them. All advertisements are subject to review, and any health claims in advertisements must be supported by the best available scientific evidence.