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Nutrition Research Priorities

Nutrition Research Priorities

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice

The American Society for Nutrition identified the Nutrition Research Priorities whose advancement will have the greatest projected impact on the future health and well-being of global populations.  ASN's Nutrition Research Needs focus on the following high priority areas:

Variability in Responses to Diet and Food

The Impact of Nutrition on Healthy Growth, Development and Reproduction

The Role of Nutrition in Health Maintenance

The Role of Nutrition in Medical Management

Nutrition-Related Behaviors

Food Supply/ Environment

In addition to the identified Research Priorities, ASN also identified tools that are critical to the advancement of the nutrition research agenda:

Tools to Advance Nutrition Research

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Find out more about the ASN Nutrition Research Priorities and the tools necessary to advance them by reading "Nutrition research to affect food and a healthy life span" in all 3 ASN journals.

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