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Student Interest Group

Student Interest Group

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice
The Student Interest Group (SIG) focuses on the interests of student members in the Society. Students are informed of and encouraged to participate in various activities that center on enabling them to gain the most from their nutritional science education.

2015-16 SIG Executive Committee
Lindsey Smith-Taillie (13-17)  

Tracy Moreira-Lucas (14-18)

Past Chair 
Kathryn Coakley (12-16) 

R. Alex Coots (15-17)

SIG Awards Chair 
Sahar Ajabshir (15-17)

Social Media Chair
Lua Wilkinson (15-17)

Liaison to Student Representatives 
Nicole Litwin (14-16)

At-Large Delegates 
Mary Christoph (14-16)
Krizia Ferrini (15-17)
Kevin Klatt (15-17)

Christopher Duggan, MD (14-17)
Mazen Hamadeh, PhD (15-18)

Michelle Hendley

The Graduate Student Breakfast, hosted by the SIG and supported by the Dairy Research Institute, has been a popular feature of ASN's Annual Meeting at EB since 1994. At the breakfast, finalists for the SIG Travel Awards display posters and field questions from attendees. We are pleased to recognize past finalists and recipients of the award.

2014: Finalists: 1. Clare Berryman, Scott Baier, Blanche Ip, Xiaoran Liu, Benjamin Redan, Julia Sabet
Award Recipients: Clare Berryman, Xiaoran Liu and Julia Sabet.

2013: Finalists:Yen-Ming Chan,Clara Cho, Katryn Eske, Laural Kelly, Erin Lewis,  Li Wang  
Award Recipients: Erin Lewis, Erin Lewis and Li Wang

2012: Finalists: Laura Chiavaroli, Ruth Grossman, Stefanie Hinkle, Rebecca Replogle, Taylor Salinardi,and Xiaolie Shin 
Award Recipients: Ruth Grossman, Stefanie Hinkle and Rebecca Replogle

2011: Finalists: Emily Arentson, Nick McCormick, Suzanne Devkota, Megan Dubentzky, Nan Huang, Lorien Urban 
Award Recipient: Suzanne Devkota 

2010:Finalists: Matt Bruss, John Clarke, Carrie Cucchi, Ann Skulas-ray, Anthony Thomas, Zhong-Ye
Award Recipient: Matt Bruss

2009: Finalists: Regan Bailey, Kyle Burger, Fumiaki Imamura, Erik Karlsson, Lamis Jomaa Rachel Murphy, Nicole Schwerbrock, Sibyl Swift, and Victoria Vieira
Award Recipient: Victoria Vieira

For more information about the SIG ravel Award and Poster Competition application, please visit the student awards section of our website. 

The SIG organizes a symposium at ASN's Scientific Sessions at EB each year. Recent topics have included:
  • 2013: Social Media and Mobile Technology for Education, Research and Practice in the Field of Nutrition
  • 2012: A Nurturing Environment Produces Future Legends: Development of Career Through Successful Mentor/Mentee Relationships
  • 2011: The Changing Face of Nutrition in the United States: How Nutrition Policy and Consumer Awareness are Changing the Practice of the Nutrition and Food Science
  • 2010: Who is responsible for nutrition in the United States?: Understanding the role of government agencies and interagency collaboration in nutrition policy, promotion, education, and outreach
  • 2009: Opportunities for the new graduate: Professional and entrepreneurial options for the M.S., Ph.D., and R.D
  • 2008: Internships and Research-Abroad: Experiences of Graduate Students in Nutrition