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2014-15 Student Bloggers

2014-15 Student Bloggers

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice
Banaz Al-Khalidi, MSc, Doctoral Student, York University, Canada
Professional Goals: My long-range goal is to advance my doctoral research in academia and become a community researcher to promote healthy lifestyle practices through social enterprise.
Research Interests: My research interests span across multidisciplinary fields of nutrition, physical activity and obesity epidemiology, with a focus on studying the interactions of built environment and lifestyle exposures on weight, physical activity, and health status.

Meghan Anderson, MS, Student, Medical University of South Carolina
Professional Goals: I am looking into internal medicine.  I would love to have an active role in basic science as well as clinical research related to nutrition.
Research Interests:  My research interests involve the role of clean eating and vegan/vegetarian diets in healing, disease and overall health. In contrast I would like to see how processed foods, high meat/salt/fat intake affects healing, disease and health.

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Mayra S. Crespo Bellido, Dietetics Intern, University of Puerto Rico-Medical Sciences
Professional Goals: Successfully complete the Dietetic Internship Program at the University of Puerto Rico-Medical Sciences campus to obtain the Registered Dietitian credential. My long-term goals are to continue graduate studies and become an educator, writer and researcher in Nutritional Epidemiology in order to help improve the health of the Puerto Rican and Latino population.
Research Interests: HIV progression and nutritional status, nutrition education for Nutrition majors, and nutritional status of Puerto Ricans and heart disease.

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Debbie Fetter, Doctoral Student, University of California-Davis
Professional Goals: My ultimate goal is to design and implement school-based nutrition education programs that would decrease risk for chronic disease through positive changes in nutrition and lifestyle. I also want to collaborate on policies geared towards making nutritious food more accessible and affordable.
Research Interests: Nutrition education and utilizing social media to promote longevity of healthy eating habits and behaviors.

Kevin Klatt, Doctoral Student, Cornell University
Professional Goals: My professional goals are to become a PhD/RD working in the field of Nutrigenomics- understanding how genes affect nutrient requirements and how nutrients alter gene expression are quite interesting research questions and are critical to integrating a rigorous systems biology approach into nutrition sciences.
Apart from research, I thoroughly enjoy teaching nutritional sciences and enabling students to apply scientific principles and critical thinking to clinical situations. A growing passion of mine has become disseminating scientific information through scientific writing and advocating for science wherever I can; this is something I hope to continue doing throughout my professional career.

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Brett Loman, Dietetic Intern/Graduate Student, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign
Professional Goals: I currently aspire to become a professor at a major research university, but wouldn't mind a stint in industry to get a full understanding of both sides of the coin. I enjoy both sharing what I have already learned through teaching and learning new information through research. I value working with an interdisciplinary team to solve health-related problems.
Research Interests: My research focuses on the interaction between the intestinal epithelium and intestinal microbiota, specifically the stimulation of intestinal adaptation through the use of pre- and probiotic therapies and short-chain fatty acid production of microbial species during intestinal failure.

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Marion Roche, PhD, MPH, Postdoc, Micronutrient Initiative
At the Micronutrient Initiative in Ottawa, Canada, I lead the organization in designing and evaluating innovative approaches to increasing coverage and utilization of nutrition interventions to improve the quality of life and maternal and child survival.  received a PhD from McGill University.
My current research experience and interests are in quantitative and qualitative implementation research of micronutrient interventions and span the globe with projects in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Guatemala, Bolivia, Peru, Senegal, and Ethiopia. 

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Sheela Sinharoy, MPH, Doctoral Student, Emory University
Professional Goals: I hope to work for a large funder or research institution in order to have a role in shaping global nutrition programs.
Research Interests: I am interested in implementation/delivery science focusing on maternal and child undernutrition in developing countries. Having started my academic career in the social sciences, I am especially interested in contextual factors such as women's empowerment and their relationship with nutrition.

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Tiffanie Stewart, MSc, Doctoral Student, Florida International University
Professional Goals: My professional goal is to manage sustainable research projects that improve communities through science. My current research interest is studying the factors affecting liver fibrosis in HIV. This is also the topic of my dissertation.