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2009-10 Student Bloggers

2009-10 Student Bloggers

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice

Meet your 2009 Student Bloggers!


Name: Emily C.

University: The Ohio State University (graduating June 2009); St. Louis University (dietetic internship starting August 2009)

Type of Degree currently pursuing: MS Human Nutrition; Dietetic Internship in fall

Expected Graduation Date: OSU: June 2009; St. Louis: June 2010

Specific Nutrition/Research Interest: soy and gastrointestinal health; complementary and alternative medicine, supplementation in the pediatric population

Professional Goals: I am interested in research, as well as clinical practice, and my goal is not only to utilize the existing knowledge in the field but also to add to that knowledge for the benefit of future dietitians.

Favorite link(s)/website(s):

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

American Dietetic Association


Personal Blog-The Health Nut


Name:  Jovana K.
University: University of Toronto
Type of Degree currently pursuing: PhD

Expected Graduation Date: September 2012

Specific Nutrition/Research Interest: The overall goal of my research is to understand how neonatal exposure to soy isoflavones (dietary estrogens) modulates long-term programming of bone metabolism in male and female mice. My work to date has revealed that early exposure to soy isoflavones (i.e. daidzein and genistein) promotes the acquisition of bone mass at skeletal sites that differ in the proportion of cortical and trabecular bone, but their mechanisms of action remain to be determined. 

Professional Goals: To become a primary investigator in an academic or government setting 

Favorite link(s)/website(s): 

Research Related Links

Personal links:


Name:  Rebecca K.

University:  Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Type of Degree currently pursuing:  PhD International Health/Human Nutrition

Expected Graduation Date: May 2012

Specific Nutrition/Research Interest: The nutrition transition; Overweight/obesity

Professional Goals:  International nutrition research, journalism, organic farming; and a combination thereof.

Favorite link(s)/website(s):,,


Name:  Erik K.

University: Gillings School of Global Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Type of Degree currently pursuing: Ph.D.

Expected Graduation Date: May 2010

Specific Nutrition/Research Interest: Nutritional immunology, obesity, immune response to viral infection

Professional Goals: To increase the pool of knowledge, understanding and public health awareness of the effect of nutrition on the immune system

Favorite link(s)/website(s): American Society for Nutrition (, Gillings School of Global Public Health (, The Foodology Collective ( ), Tar Heel Blue (, Epicurious ( ), CHOW ( ), UrbanSpoon (


Name: Alison K.

University: University of California, Davis

Type of Degree currently pursuing: PhD

Expected Graduation Date: 2011-2012

Specific Nutrition/Research Interest: inter-individual variability, adipose physiology, analytical chemistry

Professional Goals: to develop innovative and sustainable undergraduate research programs in underrepresented institutions (i.e., community colleges)

Favorite link(s)/website(s): it's a link for my radio show!


Name: Rachel K. 

University: The Ohio State University

Type of Degree currently pursuing: PhD Human Nutrition

Expected Graduation Date: 2011

Specific Nutrition/Research Interest:  In general, I am interested in disease prevention because I feel that prevention is by far the best medicine – no unwanted side effects and much cheaper than medical treatment.    Currently I work in a lab which studies phytochemicals present in fruits and vegetables.  Phytochemicals are compounds which are not essential vitamins or minerals, but may be beneficial in preventing long term disease.  My current research focuses on carotenoids (the compounds which impart the red, yellow, and orange colors to many fruits and vegetables).  We are trying to understand how the human body metabolizes carotenoids.  A better understanding of metabolism will help us to determine if and how these compounds may protect against various forms of cancer and heart disease.  

Professional Goals:   I would be lying if I said I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I finish graduate school!  My future plans change as I become aware of new opportunities.  In the short-term, I would like to work as a post-doctoral researcher at a government institution like the NIH, USDA, or FDA.  In the long-term, I see myself managing a research and development team (at a university, a major food company, or at the government level).  This position will allow me to utilize my scientific knowledge and managerial skills while simultaneously interacting with different types of people doing different kinds of research!  What could be better?
Favorite link(s)/website(s):
bbc news (my home page, and the only way I know what's going on in the world)
phD comics (if you think you're alone in graduate school, check out these comic strips – they make light of a graduate student's daily struggles) (recipes from gourmet magazine, food & wine, and others) (a graduate student's best friend – don't tell my advisor!)
npr morning edition (occasionally I have the opportunity to listen while I'm analyzing a large data set)
OSU GSNS  (my graduate student organization's blog – how I keep up with club activities)


Name: Caitlin L. 

University: California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo

Type of Degree currently pursuing: M.S. Nutrition

Expected Graduation Date: June 2010

Specific Nutrition/Research Interest:

-Community Nutrition: Impact of social networking and media on dietary and health behaviors of adolescents.
-Nutrition education and disease prevention

Professional Goals: 
To be a part of a little bit of everything including:
-Freelance Nutrition writer to educate the public
-Private Practice Nutrition Counselor
-Health Club and Wellness Center Consultant- Sports Nutrition/Weight Loss
-Community based nutrition program advisor/program coordinator

Favorite link(s)/website(s):

Harini Name:  Harini S.

University: Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison; Post-doc, Oregon  Health and Science University

Type of Degree currently pursuing: Post-doc

Expected Graduation Date: December, 2010

Specific Nutrition/Research Interest: Regulation of lipid metabolism and energy homeostasis

Professional Goals: Establish an independent biochemical and molecular nutrition research lab

Favorite link(s)/website(s): ;;;



Name: Bobban S.

University: Dept of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

Type of Degree currently pursuing: PhD in Biomedical Sciences

Expected Graduation Date: Summer 2010

Specific Nutrition/Research Interest:
-Sustainability and health issues in seafood production and nutrition.
-Public health significance of dietary level of Omega 3 fatty acids.
-Alternative lipid sources for animal feed formulations.
-Challenges of competing land use Biofuel Vs Food (Soybean and Corn) on basic nutrition in developing countries.

Professional Goals:
-Be active in academic research on functional probionts expressing higher amounts of omega 3 fatty acids in animal and human nutrition.
-Work with advocacy groups and international organizations  on basic nutritional needs of third world countries.

Favorite link(s)/website(s):


Name: Matt T.

University: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Type of Degree currently pursuing: MD/PhD

Expected Graduation Date: May 2013

Specific Nutrition/Research Interest: Protein intake and bone health,Macronutrients and weight loss,Applied statistical methods

Professional Goals: Academic medicine - metabolism

Favorite link(s)/website(s):

Get to know Matt better and read his interview here!