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Sustaining Partner Roundtable

Sustaining Partner Roundtable

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice

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This standing roundtable serves as an industry voice within the Society.

Mission: To provide visibility within ASN to matters of interest to industry by exchanging ideas and providing corporate financial support for the society's activities in education/training; scientific programs and professional outreach.


Membership will be composed of representatives of those companies that provide ASN with a specific level of unrestricted financial support, the amount which will be determined by the Board of Directors each year. Leadership of the Sustaining Partner Roundtable will be appointed by the ASN President. ASN's Executive Officer and Director of Partnerships and Development serve as staff liaisons to this roundtable.


The key role of The Sustaining Partner Roundtable is to act as advisors to the Board of Directors with a mandate to ensure a broad science-based discussion of nutrition and translation of that science to consumers to improve their healthy selection of diet. The roundtable meets by telephone conference call throughout the year to address issues mandated by the Board for discussion and advice, and to develop proposals of common interest to present for consideration by the Board. The Chair of the roundtable serves as an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors.