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ASN Preliminary Program

ASN Preliminary Program

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice

2013 Scientific Sessions & Annual Meeting of the American Society for Nutrition

Listed here are the symposia, controversy sessions and workshops which have been approved for presentation at the ASN Scientific Sessions and Annual Meeting at EB 2013 in Boston, MA

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Dates and times are subject to change, please check this site periodically.

Friday, April 19, 2013

ASN Satellite Session: What Comes First: The Food or the Nutrient? 
Organized and sponsored by the California Walnut Commission.

ASN Satellite Session: Nutrition and Physical Activity: Impact on Cognitive Function Across the Lifespan
Organized by the American Society for Nutrition and The Nutrition Society

ASN Satellite Session: White Vegetables: Addressing the Nutrition Gap
Organized by the Alliance for Potato Research and Education

Adipose & Lipid Biology:  Crossing Taxonomic Boundaries
Sean H. Adams, PhD, Jack Odle, PhD and Kimberly M. Barnes, PhD

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nutritional Surveys and Epidemiological Studies: Exploring and Enhancing Methods, Interpretation, and Communication
John A. Milner, PhDand Marge Leahy, PhD
Organized by: ILSI NA

Managing the Microbiome in Human GI Disease
Thomas R. Ziegler, MD
Endorsed by: Medical Nutrition Council

Caloric Restriction in Humans: Is it Feasible, Effective and Safe?
Susan B. Roberts, PhD and John Speakman, PhD
Endorsed by: Aging & Chronic Disease RIS and the Obesity RIS.

The Promises and Pitfalls of Research Using Dietary Patterns
Lisa M. Troy, PhD and Katarzyna Kordas, PhD
Endorsed by: Nutrition Epidemiology RIS

The WHO Evidence-Informed Guideline Development Process: Implications for Vitamin and Mineral Research Priorities
Juan Pablo Pena-Rosas, MD, PhD, MPH and Lynnette Neufeld, PhD

Award Competitions (to be held in the Education Track Room):

Clinical Emerging Leaders Award Competition
Supported by the Medical Nutrition Council

ASN Young Minority Investigator Oral Competition 
Organized by the Minority Affairs Committee
Supported by an unrestrictive educational grant from: DSM Nutritional Products

Graduate Student Research Award Competition
Supported by the Nutritional Sciences Council

Postdoctoral Research Award Competition
Supported by Solae, LLC

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Role of Gut Nutrient Sensing in Metabolic Diseases
Doug Burrin, PhD

Are Dietary Bioactives Ready for Review for Recommended Intakes?
John Erdman, PhD and Doug Balentine, PhD
Endorsed by: Dietary Bioactives RIS

Exploring Culture in the World of International Nutrition and Nutrition Sciences
Debbie Humphries, PhD, MPH
Endorsed by: Global Nutrition Council and Nutrition Education RIS

Presidential Symposium: Regulation of Growth and Metabolism through Amino Acid Sensing
Teresa A. Davis, PhD

Supported by an educational grant from Ajinomoto, Inc.

Special Listening Session: Nutrition Research at USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture. An Update from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture Director”: Sonny Ramaswamy, Ph.D.; Director, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, United States Department of Agriculture

The New “Hygiene Hypothesis”: Nutrition and Microbiota in Health and Disease
Allan Walker, MD and Simin Meydani, DVM, PhD

Type 2 Diabetes: Beyond Body Fat
Andrew Greenberg, MD

Endorsed by: Medical Nutrition Council

Iodine Insufficiency: A Global Health Problem
Christine A. Swanson, PhD, MPH and Elizabeth N. Pearce, MD, MSc

Endorsed by: Nutritional Sciences Council

Navigating the Current Job Market – Grab Hold of Your Future Now!
Holiday Durham, PhD, RD, LDN and Ann McDermott, LPC, MS, PhD
Organized by: Young Professional Interest Group and Nutritional Sciences Council

Monday, April 22, 2013

Searching for the Evidence that Linoleic Acid Fuels Inflammation
Martha Ann Belury, PhD, RD and John Finley, PhD
Endorsed by: Medical Nutrition Council

Global Perspectives on Preterm Birth and Fetal Growth Restriction
Ellen Piwoz, ScD, MHS and Robert Black, MD, MPH
Endorsed: International Nutrition Council

The World Has Changed and So Must Your Communication Style
Cathy Kapica, PhD and Jeannie Gazzaniga-Moloo, PhD
Organized by: Public Information Committee and Public Policy Committee

Diet and Inflammation: New Concepts on the Impact of Nutrients on Immune Modulation Patricia A. Sheridan,PhD and Saame Raza Shaikh, PhD
Endorsed by: Nutritional Immunology RIS

Health, Nutrition and Cost Outcomes of Human Milk Feeding for Very Low Birth Weight Infants
Paula Meier, PhD, RN, FAANand Lars Bode, PhD
Organized by: Lactation RIS

Clinical Nutrition Update: A Nutrition Perspective from the Crossroads of Hospital Outcomes and Medicare Policy
Edward Saltzman, MD, Mary Ann Johnson, PhD and Connie W. Bales, PhD, RD

Organized by: Medical Nutrition Council

Obesity-Related Inflammation and Vitamin D and Calcium Metabolism
Cristina Palacios, PhD, and Christopher J. Cifelli, PhD
Endorsed by: Vitamins and Minerals RIS and Nutrient-Gene Interactions RIS

Impact of New Generation Parenteral Lipid Emulsions in Pediatric Nutrition
Steven Abrams, MD
Endorsed by: Medical Nutrition Council

Food and Nutrition Board Update: What do SNAP Allotments, Physical Fitness, and Obesity Prevention Have in Common?
Linda Meyers, PhD and Suzanne P. Murphy, PhD, RD

Organized by: The Food and Nutrition Board

Award Lecture:
Leveille Lecture 12:45-1:45 pm

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Public-Private Partnerships: The Evolving Role of Industry Funding in Nutrition Research
Jeffrey Zachwieja, PhD and Eric Hentges, PhD

Building Evidence for Sustainability of Food and Nutrition Intervention Programs in Developing Countries
Beatrice L. Rogers PhD and Sunny S. Kim PhD
Endorsed by: Global Nutrition Council

Workshop: Lipidomics Technologies at the Beginning of the Next Decade
Alfred Merrill, Jr. PhD

Brain Imaging and Human Nutrition: Which Measures to Use in Intervention Studies?
John Sijben, PhD and John Sijben, PhD
Organized by: ILSI Europe Mental Performance Task Force
Supported by an educational grant from: ILSI Europe Mental Performance Task Force

Nutritional Epigenomics: A Portal to Disease Prevention
Sang Woon Choi, MD, PhDand Kevin Schalinske, PhD
Endorsed by: Nutrient-Gene Interaction RIS, Energy and Macronutrient Metabolism RIS, Obesity RIS, Aging and Chronic Disease RIS

Social Media and Mobile Technology for Nutrition Education and Research
Sabrina Sales Martinez, MS, RD

Organized by: Student Interest Group

Sweetened Beverages and Health: Current State of Scientific Understandings
Edward Saltzman, MD
and James M. Rippe, MD
Endorsed by: Medical Nutrition Council

Metabolomics, Nutrition and Metabolic Disorders.
Naima Moustaid
Moussa, PhD
Endorsed by: Nutrition Gene Interaction RIS; Energy and Macronutrient Metabolism RIS; Obesity RIS

The Role of Nutritional Research in the Success of Human Space Flight
Helen W Lane, PhD, RD

Organized by: History of Nutrition Committee

Award Lecture:
Atwater Lecture 12:45-1:45 pm

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dietary Phosphorus Excess: A Risk Factor in Chronic Bone, Kidney and Cardiovascular Disease
Jaime Uribarri, MD and
Mona S. Calvo, PhD

Assessing U.S. Sodium Intake through Dietary Data and Urine Biomarkers
Mary E. Cogswell, DrPH and Catherine M. Loria

Endorsed by: Medical Nutrition Council

Life Course Epidemiology in Nutrition and Chronic Disease Research: A Timely Discussion
Niyati Parekh, PhD, RD and Claire Zizza, PhD

ASN Satellite Session: Global Summit on the Health Effects of Yogurt
Organized by ASN, The Nutrition Society and the Danone Nutrition Institute International