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Daily Newspaper Advertising

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Nutrition Notes Daily, the version of the quarterly Nutrition Notes available at ASN's annual meeting, will again be published at ASN's Scientific Sessions and Annual Meeting.

We hope to publish three issues, which will be provided free to all nutrition attendees, at EB 2011. Our popular meeting version of the ASN member newsletter returns for a second year—with no increase in ad rates! Nutrition Notes Daily is a full-sized tabloid newspaper, with late-breaking news, feature articles, photographs and updated annual meeting information.

$8,500 – Sole sponsorship of one (1) issue of Nutrition Notes Daily. ASN will publish two issues of a special conference newspaper featuring live coverage of daily events, session highlights and other exciting content. As sole sponsor of one issue, your company or organization will be granted all ad space in the publication, including front page banner, center islands, and full page back cover ads. An excellent platform through which to message directly to conference attendees and high-impact nutrition science constituents. Sole sponsors also receive rights to the electronic versions of the issues they support.

$950 - $1,950 – Ad space in Nutrition Notes Daily.
Recruitment ads are only $200!

ASN is partnering with CustomNEWS to bring you Nutrition Notes Daily. All inquiries, payments and advertising materials should be directed to our publisher, John Carter, at CustomNEWS, 800-627-8723. You can also download the 
full rates and specs.