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10th Vahouny Dietary Fiber Symposium

10th Vahouny Dietary Fiber Symposium

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice
March 26-28, 2014

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Recent Developments in Dietary Fiber Research:

  • Is dietary fiber a nutrient or an essential nutrient? 
  • Fiber in glycemic control
  • Fiber in weight/satiety management
  • Fiber and heart health
  • Fiber and intestinal health
  • Fiber and immune functions
  • Definition and analysis
  • New fiber ingredients
  • Other recent developments

Scientific Committee Members:

  • Fred Brouns, Maastricht University
  • Susan Cho, NutraSource
  • Dennis Gordon, North Dakota State University
  • David Klurfeld, USDA
  • Julie Miller, St. Catherine University
  • Lu Qi, Harvard School of Public Health
  • Joanne Slavin, University of Minnesota
  • Gwen Twillman, American Society for Nutrition (ASN)