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Graduate and Professional Development

Graduate and Professional Development

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice

The Graduate and Professional Development programs of the Society are led by the Education and Professional Development Department with the help from ASN's Committees, RIS and the three Councils of the society, the Medical Nutrition Council; the Nutrition Sciences Council; and the Global Nutrition Council.

We offer:
The ASN Clinical Nutrition Internship Program is designed to increase the role of nutrition in the practice of medicine, medical research, health promotion, and disease prevention by providing a unique combination of educational experiences to medical students.

Each student will work under a recognized authority in clinical nutrition in a U.S. medical school or hospital. A list of available mentors, all members of The American Society for Nutrition, will be presented to each successful applicant, upon notification of acceptance, from which they may select their mentor. The internship is typically eight weeks in the summer, but other times could be arranged. The students will be exposed to both clinical and academic aspects of nutrition. Each student will receive a $2,500 stipend for the eight-week internship.

Student Awards at ASN's Scientific Sessions and Annual Meeting at EB