American Society For Nutrition

ASN at EB 2008

ASN at EB 2008

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice

ASN Scientific Sessions and Annual Meeting at EB 2008
April 2008
San Diego, CA

  • Videotaped Symposia from the ASN Scientific Sessions at Experimental Biology 2008

    The following three keynote lectures are available for public viewing.
    -Presidential Symposium
    -W.O. Atwater Lecture
    -E.V. McCollum Lecture

The following six sessions are available for viewing for ASN members only.
-Symposium (Co-sponsored with APS): Hepcidin regulation of iron transport.
-Symposium: Methyl donors, iodine and DHA-is maternal supplementation beneficial?
-Controversy: Carbohydrate restriction as treatment for diabetes and metabolic syndrome.
-Public Information Committee Media Workshop: Communicating nutrition and food safety risks.
-Symposium: Infant and young child iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia in developing countries: The critical role of research to guide policy and programs.
-Symposium: A stimulating conversation: dietary factors, epithelial cells and the immune system in carcinogenesis.