American Society For Nutrition

ASN at EB 2007

ASN at EB 2007

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice

ASN Scientific Sessions and Annual Meeting at EB 2007
April 2007
Washington, DC

  • Videotaped Symposia from the ASN Scientific Sessions at Experimental Biology 2007

The W.O. Atwater Lecture by Dr. Barbara Rolls, "High Satiety: Eating Less in an Obesigenic Society"

The E.V. McCollum International Lecture by Dr. Jean-Pierre Habicht, "Synergisms and Antagonisms: How Does Malnutrition Kill? A Personal Quest."

The Presidential Symposium chaired by Stephanie Atkinson, PhD. "Childhood Type II Diabetes:Who is at Risk, Why, and What Can We Do."

Part 1 with Phil Zeitler, MD, PhD and Neil Ruderman, MD, DPhil
Part 2 with Fida Bacha, MD; Francine Ratner Kaufman, MD