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Nevin Scrimshaw Mid-Career Award in Global Nutrition

Nevin Scrimshaw Mid-Career Award in Global Nutrition

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice
The American Society for Nutrition's Global Nutrition Council is raising funds for the establishment of the Nevin Scrimshaw Mid-Career Award in Global Nutrition.  The award will recognize and reward mid-career individuals who are doing innovative work to advance the field.  This award will honor Dr. Scrimshaw's extraordinary career dedicated to the alleviation of hunger and malnutrition.  Through this effort, we aim to annually pay tribute to Dr. Scrimshaw's invaluable contributions while recognizing those who are following in his footsteps.

The Global Nutrition Council is initiating a campaign to raise the $100,000 needed to create an endowment for the Nevin Scrimshaw Mid-Career Award so that the income of which will be bestowed in perpetuity.  We are looking for the Council members to fund half of this, with a challenge match being sought from appropriate sponsors.  

If the full amount to create an endowment ($100,000) is not secured, the funds raised will be temporarily restricted for administration and disbursement of an annual Nevin Scrimshaw Mid-Career Award until the funds are exhausted.

Please support this fund raising effort by making a donation through the following mechanisms:

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