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Interview with McCollum Lecturer Dr. Lindsay Allen

Interview with McCollum Lecturer Dr. Lindsay Allen

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Posted on 09/12/2013 at 04:35:44 PM by Suzanne Price
ASN is excited to welcome the E.V. McCollum lecturer for the International Union of Nutritional Sciences' (IUNS) 2013 International Congress of Nutrition (ICN) in Spain: Lindsay Allen, PhD, RD. The ICN is an international meeting of unprecedented scale arranged by the IUNS, bringing together nutrition experts from around the globe once every four years.  The 2013 ICN will be held in Granada, Spain, Sept. 15-20. ASN became the US Adhering Body to the International Union of Nutritional Sciences in 2008.

Dr. Allen is the Director of the USDA ARS Western Human Nutrition Research Center (WHNRC) and has served as vice president of the IUNS since 2009.  In addition to her keynote address on Sept. 17, Dr. Allen will be participating in on-site sessions and satellite symposia in Granada. The full schedule for the meeting can be found on the ICN 2013 site

ASN presents the McCollum lectureship award to a practicing clinical investigator currently involved in a major project designed to advance new concepts in nutrition research. The lectureship is presented in honor of the life and work of Dr. E.V. McCollum.  ASN is accepting nominations for the 2014-2015 lectureship until Sept. 15. More information on how to apply for this and other awards can be found online. In this interview, Dr. Allen discusses her work with ASN and at the WHNRC as well as her upcoming McCollum lecture.
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