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Social Media: How to use technology for accurate nutrition info

Social Media: How to use technology for accurate nutrition info

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Posted on 04/24/2013 at 04:53:49 PM by Suzanne Price
Check out Rachele Pojednic's blog "Social Media & Technology @nutritionorg EB 2013, live coverage of the session from Tuesday at EB 2013! The mobile-health field,  or “mHealth” to techies savvy in the discipline, is a burgeoning player within the nutrition conglomerate. To understand where the digital age fits into nutrition research and professions, the American Society for Nutrition (@NutritionOrg) Student Interest Group (SIG) brought together experts from all aspects of the field — investigators, dieticians, bloggers, professors, and industry professionals — to discuss current and future uses of technology in nutrition. 

The symposium, “Social Media and Mobile Technology for Education, Research and Practice” was held on Tuesday at Experimental Biology 2013 (@expbio) and was designed to address how to access and use technology to advance accurate and evidence based nutrition information in the digital age.  Drs. Carol Bouschey (Purdue University), Lauri Wright (University of Southern Florida), Deborah Silverman (Eastern Michigan University), Ilene Smith (Porter and Novelli) and Michael McBurney (DSM Nutrition) were on the panel.

Read the rest of the blog, “Social Media & Technology @NutritionOrg #EB2013.”

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I think is a terrific idea using a technology for the accurate info because new generation surf this type of information, great work so keep it up!!!