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ASN Convenes Author Workshops in China

ASN Convenes Author Workshops in China

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Posted on 09/19/2012 at 06:27:23 PM by Paula Eichenbrenner
As part of ASN's commitment to expand strategic partnerships across the world, Chinese researchers in Beijing will gather September 24-25 for a seminar covering scientific presentations and best practices for research design, writing, and publishing. This new educational series is led by ASN and conducted in collaboration with the Chinese Medical Association, The Chinese Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and The Charlesworth Group. ASN extends thanks to the Almond Board of California (Karen Lapsley, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer) and DSM China Ltd. (Weiguo Zhang, MD, PhD, Director of Scientific Affairs) for generous support of this workshop. Learn more about these companies and their Chinese activities: Almond Board; DSM.

ASN's Director of Journal Editorial and Production Operations, Darren Early, provided a brief video preview of the event. Stay tuned for additional video coverage and blog posts!

U.S. faculty attending include:
 -Dr. Dennis Bier, Professor of Pediatrics; Director of Children's Nutrition Research Center at Baylor College of Medicine; Editor of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
-Dr. Teresa Davis, Professor at Baylor College of Medicine; ASN President
-Dr. Xiang-Dong Wang, Professor and Senior Scientist at Tufts University; ASN Director of Asia Scientific Programs.
ASN faculty members will also give remarks and meet with Chinese colleagues at a hosted dinner on September 25, and at COFCO headquarters on September 26. Special thanks to host Chunling Wang, PhD, Chief Nutritionist at COFCO Health and Nutrition Research Institute.

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Oh, I see. I asked in a more recent blog post what nutrition had to do with US-Chinese relations, but now I understand better. Please disregard! :)