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EB 2012: Fructose, Sucrose, HFCS oh my

EB 2012: Fructose, Sucrose, HFCS oh my

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Posted on 04/23/2012 at 02:49:33 PM by Suzanne Price
What did you think of the sugar showdown yesterday at EB 2012? ASN's EB blogger David Despain analyzed the debate in his blog, "Sugar Showdown: Science Responds to Fructophobia."

ASN video blogger Emily Tomayko, PhD, provides a recap of "Fructose, Sucrose and High Fructose Corn Syrup: Relevant Scientific Findings and Health Implications." Speakers included George Bray, JS White, Robert Lustig, James Rippe, and David Klurfeld. This session was standing-room only and had everyone talking!
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Over at the ASN LinkedIn group, you can vote in a poll: "What's your opinion on sugar? Is it a metabolic danger or simply a distraction impeding more fruitful areas of research and debate?" (our LinkedIn is for members only, so you may have to send a request to join!)

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