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Beyond calories in, calories out -- look to the Amish

Beyond calories in, calories out -- look to the Amish

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Posted on 04/22/2012 at 03:47:00 PM by Gulo Solutions
By David Despain, EB meeting blogger

What is wrong with "eat less, move more"? Most of us are familiar with this mantra as weight-loss advice. However, a new consensus statement from the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) and the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) contends that this energy-in-energy-out framework isn't really so simple.

The problem lies in that consuming fewer calories and burning more through physical activity doesn't always translate well to weight management. That is not to say that the framework of energy balance—negative energy balance for weight loss; positive energy balance for weight—is wrong. At some level, it's right; however, several factors come into the equation.
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