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Welcome 2012-13 Bloggers

Welcome 2012-13 Bloggers

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Posted on 03/08/2012 at 12:29:14 PM by Suzanne Price
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We are excited to announce the next class of Student Bloggers, who will serve from March 2012-May 2013. Each student will contribute at least four entries throughout the term on a topic of their choosing. This group of bloggers represents the breadth of the nutrition world: an undergraduate, a medical student, a former advertising employee, a nurse and doctoral candidates. We can't wait to read their insights over the next 14 months as they delve into nutrition's hot topics from the perspective of students “on the ground.” As always, we invite you to comment on any blog that captures your attention. The names and pictures of the writers are now online. 

Excellent, and congratulations. Always nice to see new faces contributing to the conversation.

What a wide range of backgrounds from this group! Their insights are sure to bring a host of fresh ideas to the table. All the best to them!

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