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Blueberries and Health Halos of Organics Were Hot Topics of EB2011

Blueberries and Health Halos of Organics Were Hot Topics of EB2011

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Posted on 04/12/2011 at 07:24:36 PM by EB 2011 Blogger
By: Rebecca Scritchfield, MA, RD, ACSM Health Fitness Specialist
ASN Blogger @ EB2011

As EB2011 comes to a close, ASN is getting a sense of the hottest nutrition stories the media in attendance has picked up.

While there was lots of interesting science reported, there were a couple of stories that made their way through electronic media while EB2011 was still in progress.

Blueberry Polyphenols and Obesity

FoxNews included an article based on the research presented by Shiwani Moghe, MS, a graduate student at Texas Women's University.

She studies the effects of high dose polyphenols from blueberries on the fat cells of mice. Essentially, the highest dose (BB-250 mcg/ml) resulted in a 74% decrease in cell proliferation but there was no difference in cell lipolysis among the different dosages and control group.

Perhaps blueberry polyphenols could help prevent fat cells from forming... The researcher acknowledged the need to test this in humans. Even so, we already know blueberries provide a plethora of health benefits.

[read the abstract]

Health Halo Effect of the Organic Food Label

iVillage picked up on the research by Cornell graduate student Jenny Wan-chen Lee, which studied the "halo effect" of foods marketed as healthy on consumers' perception of the nutrition quality of the food.

In this small study (double-blind controlled trial, n=144), the researcher asked participants to rate various aspects of foods marked as "organic" or "regular".

The participants used a scale of 1 to 9 to rate each of the products on 10 attributes, such as overall taste and perception of fat content. They were also asked to estimate the number of calories in each food item and how much they would be willing to pay for each product.

The investigators found that participants preferred almost all of the taste characteristics of the foods labeled as "organic," even though they were identical to those labeled as "regular." They also rated the regular foods with the "organic" label to have 60 fewer calories per serving and were willing to pay more for them. 

[read the abstract]

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I love blueberries.