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Live from San Francisco: At ASN's Clinical Nutrition Conference

Live from San Francisco: At ASN's Clinical Nutrition Conference

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice
Posted on 02/26/2011 at 04:10:05 PM by Paula Eichenbrenner

ASN's Advances and Controversies in Clinical Nutrition Conference kicked off Friday afternoon and will continue through Sunday, February 27. Attendance at this conference has exceeded our expectations, with more than 330 clinicians and investigators gathered in San Francisco, CA. With a superb line-up of speakers on topics affecting all aspects of clinical nutrition, the symposium opened with a talk on fortification versus supplementation and continued with engaging discussion on Vitamin D. Day One's theme was Dietary Supplements; on Saturday, we confront Obesity, Diet & Disease.

At the poster reception tonight, more than 50 authors will discuss their recent findings. You can read the abstracts in our On-Site Program & Exhibits Guide, available for download on the ASN website.

As Experienced by Attendees & Exhibitors

"ASN is a very well-known organization, and I always have an excellent experience at their meetings - increasing my knowledge and networking. This conference is exciting because its exclusive focus is on nutrition and diet. I am delighted to present my poster, 'Knowledge of College Students about Food-Sustainable Practices' (poster #49)."
- Setareh Torabian-Riasati, DrPH, California State University, Northridge

"Here in San Francisco, a diverse group of health care professionals interested in nutrition has gathered to learn from a powerhouse list of speakers. I am looking forward to attending the sessions and getting to know the attendees."
- Anna Rosales, RD, Yakult USA

Follow the Conference

Even if you're not on-site at the meeting venue, the Wyndham Parc 55, you can track the latest news. Nutrition Notes Daily, ASN's convention publication, is in San Francisco covering the sessions at this inaugural meeting. Our reporters are interviewing presenters, summarizing the highlights and bringing it to attendees in a newspaper that will be distributed Sunday. A digital version of the newspaper with links and interactive components will be sent via email at the beginning of next week. Keep your eyes peeled! ASN would like to extend special thanks to its partner, the Corn Refiners Association, for its sponsorship of this edition of Nutrition Notes Daily.

ASN Student Interest Group leader Mary N. Henderson, RD, from the University of California Davis will also post an entry to the ASN blog about her experience. And don't forget to follow ASN on Twitter, and tweet about Advances & Controversies in Clinical Nutrition using #advances.

Program Committee

Appreciation is again extended to the volunteer leadership of the Medical Nutrition Council (MNC), listed below. The Program Committee conducted peer review and took steps to ensure that criteria for continuing medical education (CME), continuing professional education (CPE) credit, and continuing education contact hours (CECH) in health education were met.

Connie Bales, PhD, RD
Mary Ann Johnson, PhD
Nancy Krebs, MD
Penny Kris-Etherton, PhD, RD
Robert Kushner, MD
Susan B. Roberts, PhD
Edward Saltzman, MD
Steven R. Smith, MD
Thomas R. Ziegler, MD

On-Site Registration Still Available!

If you are in the Bay area, on-site registration is open through Sunday (a daily pass is only $225!) Call 301-655-8920 with any questions.

Sponsors & Exhibitors

We couldn't do it without you! THANK YOU!!!


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