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Nutritional Sciences Council

Nutritional Sciences Council

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice
Nutritional Sciences Council Chair 2014-2016: Cindy D. Davis, Ph.D.

Mission Statement: To advance research in nutritional sciences by fostering communication among scientists from diverse disciplines that range from molecules to populations.


The Nutritional Sciences Council (NSC) serves as a home for members with research interests encompassing the breadth of nutrition sciences with the goal of improving the nutritional status of individuals and populations across the lifespan.Thus, NSC member's research interests include basic molecular, animal, human and population research, translational nutrition research and education. The NSC:

Brings scientists from different disciplines together to increase communication and foster new interactions by sponsoring networking events at Experimental Biology and on the web;

Disseminates nutrition advances by showcasing interdisciplinary and translational sciences through sponsorship of symposia and workshops;

Promotes the career advancement of junior members through NSC awards and networking activities;

Creates and sponsors workshops that serve as practical primers in cutting edge technology;

Supports ASN advocacy for national policies to promote funding of biomedical research and nutrition programs.

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2009-2010 NSC Chair Summary

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