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To create a global membership alliance of professionals, practitioners, and students interested in and dedicated to areas in the field of human nutrition that are of relevance to underprivileged nations, disadvantaged populations within affluent societies, and rapidly-developing economies; to exchange pertinent ideas/ knowledge/experience spanning research, policy and practice; and to provide significant opportunities to foster professionals in their early careers towards becoming members of the global community of nutrition professionals.


GNC serves ASN members with basic and applied research interests on all aspects of human nutrition of relevance to both economically less-developed countries and to disadvantaged populations and the translation of this knowledge into training, policies and programs. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
  1. Under nutrition and deficiency diseases.
  2. Relationships between infection and nutrition.
  3. Nutrition interventions and their evaluation.
  4. The relationships between economic development policy and nutrition.
These research efforts may include nutritional biochemistry, physiology, clinical nutrition, nutritional epidemiology, nutritional anthropology or other social and behavioral sciences, economics, and public health.

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