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Nutritional Epidemiology

Nutritional Epidemiology

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Nutritional Epidemiology RIS
The Nutritional Epidemiology RIS was established for ASN members interested in diet, nutritional status and health in human populations. Focuses include: studying the interactions of lifestyle, environmental, and genetic exposures on health and wellbeing, assessment methods; biomarkers; and other statistical and epidemiological techniques. RIS members integrate these finding with clinical research to elucidate nutrition's impact in the etiology and prevention of disease.

Chair: Namanjeet "Naman" Ahluwalia, PhD, DSc, FACN, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (NCHS/NHANES)
Chair Elect: Niyati Parekh, PhD, RD, New York University
Past Chair: Lisa M. Troy, PhD, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Treasurer: Patricia M Guenther, PhD, RD, University of Utah
Student Representatives: Karim Bougma, MS, McGill University
Nour Makarem, MS, RD, New York University

Advisory Steering Committee 
Regan Bailey, PhD, RD, National Institutes of Health, ODS
Katrarzyna "Kasia" Kordas, PhD, University of Bristol
Joann M. McDermid, PhD, Cornell University 
Amy Millen, PhD, University of Buffalo
Nicholas J. Ollberding, PhD, Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Shivani Sahni, PhD, Harvard Medical School
Claire A. Zizza, PhD, RDN, Auburn University

Contact Information
Member news and highlights: Dr Claire Zizza
Member feedback:  Dr Nicholas Ollberding and Karim Bougma
Mentoring Event: Dr Shivani Sahni
Poster Competition: Dr Niyati Parekh

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  • 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans 

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) is currently reviewing the scientific evidence on diet, nutrition, and health and developing its report for the HHS and USDA Secretaries. The federal government will use the Committee's report as the scientific basis for developing the eighth edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA). The DGAC holds a series of public meetings to develop its recommendations. Information about the DGAC, webcast recordings of public meetings, and other meeting materials are available at The fifth meeting of the DGAC is tentatively planned for September 16-17, 2014. When formally announced in the Federal Register, meeting information and online registration will be available at A timeline  for the Committee's work through publication of the 2015 DGA is also available at this site. Learn how to earn CPE credits!