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Nutrition Translation RIS

Nutrition Translation RIS

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice
Nutrition Translation: from Bench to Consumer RIS

Purpose: The Nutrition Translation: from Bench to Consumer RIS provides a forum for scientists from academia, government, industry and private practice to address the translation of nutrition knowledge to improve human health.

NT-RIS Officers: 2016-2017

o Chair: Lisa Sanders, PhD, RD

o Past Chair: Michelle Braun, MS, PhD

o Secretary: Kay Hongu, PhD, MEd, RD

o Treasurer: Emily Radlowski, PhD

o Communications: Nicole Litwin, MS, RD

ยทThe NT-RIS had much help from its appointed advisory board from its membership:

oGuy Johnson, PhD (Food Science and Nutrition Pillar)

o Naiman Khan, PhD, RD (Nutrition, Neurobiology and Behavior Pillar)

oErin Glynn, PhD (Post-Doc Representative)

oFeon Cheng, MPH, RD (Student Representative)

o Robert Post, PhD, MEd, MSc (Nutrition Translation Pillar)

o Frances Coletta, PhD, RD (General Advisor)

Annual Business Meeting Minutes

EB 2015 Slides

2014-2015 NT Infographic

EB 2014

EB 2014- Presentation

Neurocognition: the Food-Brain Connection at EB 2014

  • Introductory Remarks- James O. Hill, PhD, University of Colorado
  • Food reward and the brain: current perspectives, controversies and applications - Kent Berridge, PhD, University of Michigan  Video here
  • Empirical evidence supporting the construction of food addiction: a focus on animal models - Nicole Avena, PhD, University of Florida Video here
  • Obesity and the brain: How convincing is the addiction model? - Hishman Ziauddeen, PhD, University of Cambridge Video here
  • Panel Discussion with Drs. Berridge, Avena and Ziauddeen - Dr. Hill, moderator
  • Beyond food reward: broadening the picture-cognitive influences - Miguel Alonso-Alonso, PhD, Harvard University Video here
  • Neurocognition: the food-brain connection: methodologic and epistemologic considerations - David Allison, PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham Video here
  • Town Hall-The Agenda for Future Research- Moderated panel discussion with all speakers followed by audience discussion - Dr. Hill, Moderator Video here

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