American Society For Nutrition

Past Presidents

Past Presidents

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice

Our Society's success in advancing excellence in nutrition research and practice is due in large part to the commitment of our volunteer leaders. ASN expresses its appreciation to the following, who have served as President.

Visit our YouTube page to view ASN Profiles in Nutrition, a series documenting the accomplishments and careers of esteemed ASN members, including Past Presidents.

American Institute for Nutrition (AIN)
American Society for Nutritional Sciences (ASNS)
The American Society for Nutrition was founded in 1928 as the American Institute for Nutrition (AIN). The first annual meeting of AIN was held in 1934. In 1996, the American Institute for Nutrition changed its name to the American Society for Nutritional Sciences (ASNS).
Term Year President
1934-1935 Lafayette B. Mendel*
1935-1936 John R. Murlin*
1936-1937 Eugene F. Dubois*
1937-1938 Mary S. Rose*
1938-1939 Elmer V. McCollum*
1939-1940 Henry C. Sherman*
1940-1941 Thorne M. Carpenter*
1941-1942 Albert G. Hogan*
1942-1943 Leonard A. Maynard*
1943-1944 Howard B. Lewis*
1944-1945 Icie Macy Hoobler*
1945-1946 William C. Rose*
1946-1947 Arthur H. Smith*
1947-1948 Roland M. Bethke*
1948-1949 Elmer M. Nelson*
1949-1950 Charles G. King*
1950-1951 Wendell H. Griffith*
1951-1952 Clive M. McCay*
1952-1953 Paul L. Day*
1953-1954 Conrad A. Elvehjem*
1954-1955 George R. Cowgill*
1955-1956 W. H. Sebrell, Jr.*
1956-1957 Harry J. Deuel, Jr.*
1957-1958 Robert R. Williams*
1958-1959 William J. Darby*
1959-1960 D. Wayne Woolley*
1960-1961 Floyd S. Daft*
1961-1962 Paul Gyorgy*
1962-1963 L. C. Norris*
1963-1964 Grace A. Goldsmith*
1964-1965 Ruben W. Engel*
1965-1966 O. L. Kline
1966-1967 Arnold E. Schaefer*
1967-1968 George M. Briggs*
1968-1969 Richard H. Barnes*
1969-1970 Boyd L. O'Dell
1970-1971 Alfred E. Harper
1971-1972 Harry G. Day*
1972-1973 D. Mark Hegsted*
1973-1974 Olaf Mickelsen*
1974-1975 John G. Bieri*
1975-1976 George K. Davis*
1976-1977 E.L. Robert Stokstad*
1977-1978 Lavell M. Henderson*
1978-1979 Hamish N. Munro*
1979-1980 David Kritchevsky*
1980-1981 William G. Hoekstra
1981-1982 Robert E. Olson
1982-1983 Doris H. Calloway*
1983-1984 Lucille S. Hurley*
1984-1985 Harry P. Broquist*
1985-1986 Malden C. Nesheim
1986-1987 James A. Olson*
1987-1988 Helen A. Guthrie
1988-1989 Gilbert A. Leveille
1989-1990 Samuel J. Fomon*
1990-1991 Vernon R. Young*
1991-1992 Donald B. McCormick
1992-1993 Dale R. Romsos
1993-1994 John W. Suttie
1994-1995 Johanna Dwyer
1995-1996 John A. Milner*
1996-1997 Robert J. Cousins
1997-1998 Robert B. Rucker
1998-1999 Connie M. Weaver
1999-2000 Janet C. King
2000-2001 Lindsay H. Allen
2001-2002 John W. Erdman
2002-2003 Steven H. Zeisel
2003-2004 Dale E. Bauman
2004-2005 Kathleen A. Rasmussen
2005 Dennis M. Bier

American Society for Clinical Nutrition (ASCN)
ASCN's founding date was May 1, 1960 and the Society affiliated as a division of AIN at that time. The first ASCN annual meeting was held in spring of 1961.
Term Year President
1961-1962 Robert E. Olson
1962-1963 William Bean*
1963-1964 W. Henry Sebrell, Jr.*
1964-1965 Willard A. Krehl
1965-1966 Charles S. Davidson*
1966-1967 Robert E. Hodges
1967-1968 Robert E. Shank*
1968-1969 John F. Mueller*
1969-1970 W. S. Hartroft
1970-1971 C. U. Lowe
1971-1972 William J. McGanity*
1972-1973 Grace A. Goldsmith*
1973-1974 David B. Coursin*
1974-1975 Charles E. Butterworth, Jr.*
1975-1976 Charles S. Lieber*
1976-1977 Theodore B. Van Itallie
1977-1978 Jules Hirsch
1978-1979 William E. Connor*
1979-1980 Robert H. Herman*
1980-1981 Victor Herbert*
1981-1982 Samuel J. Fomon*
1982-1983 Harold H. Sandstead
1983-1984 Irwin H. Rosenberg
1984-1985 Allan L. Forbes*
1985-1986 Maurice E. Shils
1986-1987 Edward S. Horton
1987-1988 George A. Bray
1988-1989 Charles H. Halsted
1989-1990 F. Xavier Pi-Sunyer
1990-1991 Dennis M. Bier
1991-1992 Edwin L. Bierman*
1992-1993 Harry L. Greene
1993-1994 Richard S. Rivlin
1994-1995 Richard L. Atkinson, Jr.
1995-1996 Barbara C. Hansen
1996-1997 Judith S. Stern
1997-1998 George L. Blackburn
1998-1999 M.R.C. Greenwood
1999-2000 William H. Dietz
2000-2001 Bruce R. Bistrian
2001-2002 Steven B. Heymsfield
2002-2003 Robert M. Russell
2003-2004 Dale A. Schoeller
2004-2005 Samuel Klein
2005 Naomi Fukagawa

Society for International Nutrition Research (SINR)
The Society for International Nutrition Research (SINR) was founded in 1990. In 1993, SINR affiliated as a second division of AIN.
Term Year President
1996-1997 Lindsay H. Allen
1997-1998 Kenneth H. Brown
1998-1999 Gail G. Harrison
1999-2000 Reynaldo Martorell
2000-2001 Benjamin Caballero
2001-2002 Kathryn G. Dewey
2002-2003 Jean-Pierre Habicht
2003-2004 Rebecca J. Stoltzfus

American Society for Nutrition (ASN)
In 2005, ASNS, ASCN and SINR merged to form the American Society for Nutrition.
Term Year President
2005-2006 Dennis M. Bier, Naomi Fukagawa
Co-Presidents, Transition Executive Board
2006-2007 Stephanie A. Atkinson
2007-2008 Joanne R. Lupton
2008-2010 James O. Hill
2010-2011 Robert M. Russell
2011-2012 Sharon M. Donovan
2012-2013 Teresa A. Davis
2013-2014 Gordon L. Jensen
2014-2015 Simin N. Meydani
2015-2016 Patrick J. Stover