American Society For Nutrition

Student Interest Group

Student Interest Group

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice
Dolores Doane, Chair
University of Illinois

Robin Minor, Past Chair
University of Florida

Tricia Psota, SIG Exec. Committee
Pennsylvania State Univ.

Carlin Rafie, SIG Exec. Committee
Florida International Univ.

Elisabeth Seymour, SIG Rep. to Graduate Nutrition Ed. Comm.
University of Michigan

Sera Young, SIG Rep. to Graduate Nutrition Ed. Comm.
Cornell University

Cria Gregory, SIG Rep. to EB Program Planning Comm.
Emory University

Rajni Singh, SIG Nutrition Notes Secretary
Purdue University

Marie Caudill, Advisor
Cal State Polytech U.

Kevin Schalinske, Advisor
Iowa State University