American Society For Nutrition

Student Interest Group

Student Interest Group

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice

Tracey Moreira-Lucas

Mary Christoph (16-17)

Lindsey Smith (13-17)

Social Media Specialist
Lua Wilkinson (15-17)

SIG Awards Chair
Sahar Ajabshir (15-17)

Liaison to Student Representatives

Kevin C. Klatt (15-17)

At-Large Delegates
Krizia Ferrini (15-17)
Sajin Bae (16-19)

Mazen Hamadeh, PhD (15-18)

Michelle Crispino

The Student Interest Group (SIG) focuses on the interests of student members in the Society. Students are informed of and encouraged to participate in various activities that center on enabling them to gain the most from their nutritional science education. Society activities allow students to network and prepare for post-academic success. Members of the SIG also work as liaisons with other committees in ASN to provide student perspective where it is needed.