American Society For Nutrition

History of Nutrition Committee

History of Nutrition Committee

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice

Forrest Nielsen, PhD (14-16)

Past Chair

Don Beitz, PhD

Phyllis Bowen, PhD (14-17)
Alex Coots (13-15) Student Rep
Ruth Grossmann, MS, RN (12-16) Young Professional
Chuck Halsted, MD (14-17)
Lisa Jahns, PhD (13-16)
Helen Lane, PhD (12-15)
Alesia Maltz, PhD (13-16)
Todd Rideout, PhD (13-16)
Anna-Kate Shoveller, PhD (13-16)
Milt Sunde, PhD (11-17)

Harold Sandstead, MD JN Biographical and Historical Editor

Staff Support
Suzanne Price

Watch the Profiles in Nutrition videos, a series documenting the accomplishments and careers of esteemed ASN members. This series in maintained in partnership with the ASN History of Nutrition Committee and created during the Presidency of Teresa A. Davis, PhD. Learn more about donating to keep the video series active and suggest potential profiles by emailing us.