American Society For Nutrition

History of Nutrition Committee

History of Nutrition Committee

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice

Donald Beitz, PhD (11-14)

David H. Alpers, MD (10-14)
Alex Coots (13-15) Student
Lisa Jahns (13-16)
Eldon Nelson, PhD (11-14)
Milt Sunde, MD, PhD (11-14)
Helen Lane, PhD (12-15)
Todd Rideout, PhD (13-16)
Anna-Kate Shoveller, PhD (13-16)
Alesia Maltz, PhD (13-16)
Ruth Grossmann, MS, RN (12-14) Young Professional

Harold Sandstead, MD JN Biographical and Historical Editor
Forrest Nielsen, PhD Fellows Committee Representative

Staff Support
Suzanne Price