American Society For Nutrition

Graduate and Professional Education Committee

Graduate and Professional Education Committee

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice
Richard Wood, PhD (09-11)

Vice Chair
Douglas Seidner, MD (10-13)

Douglas C. Heimburger, MD, MS. MNC (09-12)
Nancy Krebs, MD, MS (09-12)
Beatrice L. Rogers, PhD (09-12)
Judith Gilbride, PhD, RD (09-12)
Elizabeth Adams, PhD (09-12)
Mary Hager, PhD, RD (09-12)
Elizabeth L. Karcher, MS, PhD (09-12)
Kimberly O'Brien, PhD (09-12)
Nanette Steinle, MD, RD (10-13)

Joel Mason, MD (08-11)
Chair, Sub-Committee for Continuing Medical Education
Dominic Reeds (10-13)
Chair, Sub-Committee for Professional Nutrition Education

Student Members
Pao Ying Hsiao (10-12)
Jennifer Barnes(11-13)

GPEC Advisor
Richard Eisenstein, PhD, Past Chair Ex-Officio

Penny Kris-Etherton
Chair, Medical Nutrition Council (MNC)
Sharon M. Donovan, PhD, RD Board Liaison
Richard Eisenstein, PhD GPEC Advisor

Staff Resource
Gwen Twillman
Moira Holt