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E.V. McCollum International Lectureship in Nutrition

E.V. McCollum International Lectureship in Nutrition

Excellence in Nutrition Research and Practice

The E. V. McCollum International Lectureship in Nutrition provides a means to encourage sound advancements in nutritional science and their application for improving the health and well-being of people worldwide. The lectureship also recognizes the life and contributions of E. V. McCollum, PhD (1879-1967). An outstanding nutritionist is invited to deliver two lectures on a topic consistent with the purpose of the lectureship in locations that will assure a large and broad audience. The lecturer serves a two-year term. Generally, one lecture is given in the first year at ASN's Scientific Sessions & Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology and one lecture is given in the second year at an international venue.

The recipient receives a one-time honorarium of $1,500 and travel reimbursement for one lecture (maximum reimbursement: $5,000). The lectureship is supported by the E. V. McCollum International Lectureship Endowment Fund. This Fund was endowed with initial leadership from Harry Day, PhD (1906-2007) and the AIN/E.V. McCollum Commemorative Committee.

Check the 2013 Call for Nominations for details regarding the 2014-15 Lecturer.

E.V. McCollum Lecturers:

2012-13 - Lindsay Allen
2010-11 - Andrew Prentice
2008-09 - Barry Popkin
2006-07 - Jean-Pierre Habicht
2004-05 - Mark L. Wahlqvist
2002-03 - Robert P. Heaney
2000-01 - Robert E. Black
1998-99 - Ricardo Uauy
1996-97 - Nevin Scrimshaw
1995-96 - Reynaldo Martorell
1995 - Adolfo Chavez
1994 - Peter Furst
1993 - Barbara Underwood
1992 - Joseph Hautvast
1991 - Pedro Rosso
1990 - Aree Valyasevi
1989 - Alfred Sommer
1988 - George H. Beaton
1987 - Elsie Widdowson
1986 - Clement A. Finch
1985 - Josip Matovinovic
1984 - Lucille Hurley
1983 - Jean Mayer